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6 Ways to Pull Off Your Skin Undertone

The skin undertones play a crucial role in bringing out the fundamental colour of our skin tone, pull off your skin a unique and distinctive hue. “Wait, so skin undertones are different to skin tones?” YEP! They certainly are. Skin tones are skin colours that we see daily, such as fair skin, tanned skin, dark skin, and so on, and each of those colours has its base colour, known as undertones, and you should love your skin.

The Three Different Kinds of Skin Undertones

Put, your good skin has two layers, the second of which is the undertone. While pull off your skin tone may alter due to sunout exposure, your undertone will not. Everybody has a cold, warm, or neutral undertone. Are you unsure which one you are? Continue reading for five simple techniques to determine your undertone and my recommendations for the best makeup items for each undertone!

Cool Undertones

However, Pink, crimson, and blueish undertones are familiar in cool undertones. Courtney Cox is an excellent example of cool undertones!

Undertones are neutral.

Warm and cool tones are combined to create neutral undertones. If you have neutral undertones, pull off your skin tone, and the undertones are nearly the same colour. Jennifer Aniston is a fantastic example of neutral undertones!

Warm Undertones

Warm undertones include golden, yellow, or peachy tints. People of South American, Mediterranean, or Asian ancestry are likelier to have warm undertones, but anyone can have them! Kathy Lee Gifford is an example of a celebrity with warm undertones.

Undertones of Olive

Therefore, Calm, warm, and neutral undertones combine to form olive undertones. It could be ashen or grey with a green hue. Specific colours with all three undertones complement olive skin tones. Mila Kunis is an excellent example of a celeb with olive undertones. Here’s a picture of her without makeup, revealing her olive skin tone.

Finding colors to complement and pull off your skin undertones can be tricky, especially for folks with warmer, deeper tones. The most excellent method to draw attention to your characteristics is to select colors that complement your hair color, eye color, and natural skin undertones. Everyone’s undertones fall into one of three categories: warm, cold, or neutral. There are numerous methods for determining your undertone, but the following five tricks are the most effective.

The Clothing Test

Which colours do you look best in? Which ones bring you the most compliments? Do specific colors enhance your skin while others make you seem tired or emphasize the dark circles beneath your eyes? If you appear better in blues, pinks, and white, you probably have cool undertones. If you prefer browns, yellows, greens, or oranges, you most likely have warm undertones. Wear something neutral, like a white shirt. Generally speaking, cooler tones look better with white or black. Off-white or brown shirts are more flattering on those with warm undertones.

The Jewelry Test

Which looks better on your skin, silver or gold? If it’s silver, you have cool undertones. If it’s gold, it has warm undertones. Even if you don’t like one of them, is there one that you think looks “better” on you? If you can’t tell the difference between the two, you may have neutral undertones!

The Vein Test

Therefore, the vein test is the simplest way to pull off your skin undertone. Examine the veins on the undersides of your wrists. If they appear blue or purple, you most likely have cold undertones. If they appear greener, you most likely have warm undertones.

Tan Test

I know we all strive to avoid the sun, but did you tan or burn when you oiled yourself with baby oil and soaked it up (we all did it! )? Cool undertones are abrasive—Tan color with warm undertones.

Your Sun Reaction

Although this is one of the simplest methods for determining your undertones, it can be deceptive. You most likely have warm undertones if your complexion turns golden brown in the sun. If, on the other hand, pull off your skin burns quickly, or if you burn first and then tan, you’re cool. Can Sun exposure might cause conflicting reactions in people with neutral undertones?

We advocate using this approach with the other checks to ensure you make an informed selection. Also, regardless of the main skin tone, wear sun safe whenever you are out in the sun!

Colours of the eyes and hair

However, our natural eye and hair colour cannot tell us our undertone; persons with deeper skin tones and darker eye colours tend to have warmer undertones. In contrast, people with fair complexion, light skin thick, and lighter eye colours tend to have neutral or cool undertones.

If you’re not sure you’ve found out your undertone, I have a quick fix for you that you’ll only have to perform once! Take three identical foundation bottles with varying undertones. Take a drop from each bottle and swipe it across your cheek once. Then, cross your eyes in front of a mirror! When your vision is clouded, the cosmetic swipe that disappears is the one that pull off your skin tone.


Knowing and knowing about undertones, whether to pull off your skin or in general, may appear unimportant. Still, it’s crucial, especially when selecting a great item of clothing or makeup hues, whether you shop online or offline or find the appropriate outfit in the morning. Expertise in this area will save you time and money, as there will be no more flop shopping, terrible makeup, or botched outfits.

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